Antiarrhythmic Strategy

This session mainly deals with the recent improvement of antiarrhythmic strategies. In which late sodium ions are considered to be Antiarrhythmic target. The main prime antiarrhythmic mechanism of late Na ions are

1. Suppression of intracellular calcium through reduction in Cai secondary to the decrease in intracellular sodium     ions

2. Normalization of repolarization. Endogenous late Na ion is a small current and acceleration of the heart rate    decreases late Na density

Antiarrhythmic drugs are most commonly used in the treatment of Atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a disorder that significantly impacts on the lives of affected patient. Present available antiarrhythmic drugs have largely failed to demonstrate significant benefit relative to rate control with respect to morbidity and mortality outcome. The review commentary will address current knowledge regarding the pathologic mechanisms of AF. The complexity of AF provides a wide variety of therapeutic options based on different pathophysiological processes, including: targeting of atrial excitability and ectopic activity; targeting ERP and reentry; and/or targeting atrial remodeling

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