Current Pharmacological Approaches

This session of Current Pharmacological Approaches concentrates on the present scenario of the Pharmacological approaches which include treatment of geriatric mood disorders, Reduce Chorea in Huntington’s Disease, therapy of varicella zoster virus infections, treatment of obesity and many more advancement. Huntington’s disease is a rare hereditary neurodegenerative disorder which is characterized by trunk, extremities and unnecessary contraction of the facial muscle. Varicella zoster virus is responsible for both primary as well as reactivation infections which belongs to the family of herpesviruses

In past, few years there are many interventions conducted for the development in the field of treatment for mood disorders. On recent research, it is found that there are many alternative strategies available for the treatment of mood disorders which mainly focuses on achieving higher remission rates that is achieved by including the mood stabilizers, psychotherapy, association of antidepressants and the treatment of specific clusters.

Obesity means weighing too much, which is occurred by accumulation of fat around the organs and under the skin. The body will gain weight because of muscle, bone, fat, and body water.

Which directly means that the person’s weight will be much higher what's considered healthy for his or her Height. To overcome all the problems drugs have been developed. At present two drugs are available for the treatment they are Sibutramine and Orlistat both decreases calorie intake and increases the energy expenditure. 


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